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    Welcome to Studio 105 recording

    Studio 105 is a small Home Recording Studio. You can record with outstanding results in a relaxed atmosphere. We fit the budget of any inspiring artist. We're certainly not the biggest studio in town, which is why we are able to make it affordable for you the artist. Come on over, lay down your tracks and produce a fully mastered CD. Our affordable rates allow you to spend as much time as you need to work on your project. We are the ideal place for Musicians and Singers to get a great sounding product in a very relaxed environment.

    We are a great choice for both the beginner and professional. Our rates are straight forward and there are no hidden cost. We also have Live Mobile Recording Services, Voice Lessons, CD Duplication And Graphics Packages. Be sure to visit our services page for a list of all the services we offer.

    Let's face it, anyone can buy the newest and latest equipment. But all the bells and whistles won't give you the quality that you need on their own. You need a knowledgeable and musical set of ears to bring out the best in your music.

    From a vocal demo, to a fully produced and mastered CD, we give your song, lyric and or poem the quality sound you need and wan't.

    Whether it's a single guitar, bass, drum, keyboard or a full band, we'll will turn your idea's into a great sounding masterpiece that you'll be proud to promote.

    Regardless of your budget or the type of project, we can get the sound you want. We're musicians, just like you. We welcome artists of all styles and levels. We love to offer our advice and help you get to the next level. We're always here for the artist.

    We make sure every track has the same punch and kick as the very first, giving your album the maximum impact on every song. It doesn't matter if they've been recorded here or somewhere else, we will make your final mixes sound like they've all been done in one great place and that place is with us.

    We offer quality services with people who care about your project and are here for you from start to finish. We believe that you should be completely satisfied with your product as well as your experience when you record with us.

    Whether you need arrangements, a singer ready for a demo or in need of a jingle, our staff of musicians and voice over talent will provide you with an outstanding audio production.

    We help artists to create quality audio recordings. Let us record, mix and master your next project and see why we have earned the trust of so many musicians alike.

    Our goal is to get the best possible quality with an awesome feeling no matter the budget, from a song idea to a fully mastered CD.

    For additional information on our Jacksonville Recording Studio, please feel free to browse our website, contact us by email or call (904) 438-4105.

    We look forward to working with you on your next project. Remember, from small acorns great trees are grown.

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    Wayne Terrell Singing His Favorite Gospel Songs

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    Phone - (904) 438-4105 - Email - info@studio105recording.com

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